Our LESSFRAME system of sliding windows is inspired by the thought of Ludwig Mies van der Rohe and his famous “less is more”, as well as from one of the 5 fundamental points developed by Le Corbusier, the horizontal window.

The purpose of the panoramic window is to consider the cut-out made in a façade as a direct link between solid spaces and voids, to allow an objective interactivity between interior and exterior that fulfils the premise so dear to both the Modernist and Minimalist movements; namely, the desire to frame Nature without manipulating it or disturbing the perception of it. According to Le Corbusier, it introduces “the vastness of the outside world, the unity, impossible to counterfeit, of a landscape with tempest and radiant calm”.

While traditional window systems use glass as a filler and the frame as a structural support, we work with the intrinsic characteristic of glass and give it the function of a self-supporting element, free to slide within a frame with no constraints regarding its dimensions.

Thus the panoramic window takes on its full significance, detaching itself from dimensional constraints and henceforth only measuring itself against the static limitations of the glass itself. The frame, transformed into a guide that controls movements, may thus be integrated and levelled out around the whole periphery of the opening, doing away with sills between the interior and the exterior, totally destroying any intrusive lines and disappearing into the background so as to give way to an independent structure.

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Lessframe is 0.5% of profile and 99.5% light

based on a 4000x3000mm window


Origin of Goods (Trademark Law, Art. 48)

The origin of goods is generally determined by the place of manufacture or by the origin of the basic materials or components used for manufacturing (Trademark Law, Art. 48, para. 1).

In principle, the name "Switzerland", as well as designations such as "Swiss", "Swiss quality", "Made in Switzerland", "Swiss Made" or others containing the Swiss name, can only be used for products manufactured in Switzerland. This also applies to the translation of any of these terms into any other language. labeled as being of Swiss origin:
- The Swiss portion of the production cost must be at least 50%.
- The most important part of the manufacturing process must have taken place in Switzerland.

Lessframe is a "Swiss made" product designed, developed and manufactured in Lausanne, Switzerland.

our system has been developed for
a better quality of life with a low energy consumption

Lessframe, a partner of environmental labels

A better quality of life if we consider that the visible profiles only represent 0.5% of the opening’s surface, this leaves 99.5% through which light can penetrate. By combining this proportion of natural light with the energy values corresponding to MINERGIE® standards, we can clearly state that “green” is not just a marketing ploy. It is one of our essential developmental values.

Improvement on a 4600 x 2500 mm element:
Ug=0.7W/M2K > Uw=1.03W/M2K (according to SIA 331 Uw=0.95W/M2K)
By using 12.83 m2 to equate to the light opening and 0.52 m2 to equate to the vertical profile, we can calculate that the visible profile surface totals a mere 0.46%.

from a vertical line, amongst the sharp edges
transparent reflections and invisible thresholds,
i see the inside opening out onto new lines of the horizon
light breezes and golden yellow rays
emphasize the two horizontals, like an arch without pilar
towards an infinite garden.

from modulor to the triple height window
the only window in the world capable of reaching
9 meters in height, in 1 leaf and double glazing

We have developed a system that meets the highest aesthetic requirements in terms of visual abstraction, personalisation and design, and that also meets the highest constraints on a technical, structural, security and insulating level.
Each project is managed by following a very strict quality control process, and which is specific to our clients’ requirements.

Water tightness: Class 9A
Air permeability: Class 4
Resistance to wind: Class C3
Anti-fall protection: Category A
Break-in protection: WK2 / RC2

- ALT 372
- ALT 1004

Minimalist sliding system for very large double glazing (> 18 m2) or smaller triple glazing (> 6 m2).

Minimalist sliding system for very large triple glazing (> 15 m2) or that can be integrated into projects with very high energy standard.

Water tightness Class 9A
Air permeability Class 4
Resistance to wind Class C3
Anti-fall protection Category A
Break-in protection >WK2 / RC2

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Water tightness Class 9A
Air permeability Class 4
Resistance to wind Class C3
Anti-fall protection Category A
Break-in protection >WK2 / RC2

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description download cad files webcam

The LESSFRAME alt 372 system has been developed on the banks of the Venoge, a symbolic river belonging to the Canton of Vaud heritage and celebrated by Jean-Villard Gilles. This river, whose mouth is located very close to our production site, flows into Lake Geneva, the biggest lake in Europe and whose lakeshores are 372 metres above sea.

The LESSFRAME alt 372 system can use large double glazing (up to 18 m2), as well as small triple glazing (up to 8 m2).

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The LESSFRAME alt 1004 system refers to the altitude of the Lac de Joux, a small windy lake and whose temperatures plummet in winter – much to ice skaters’ delight. It is along this lake that you will find some of the best and most well-known watchmakers (Audemars-Piguet & Cie SA, Blancpain SA, Chopard Manufacture SA, ETA SA, , Jaeger-Lecoultre SA, Patek-Philippe SA, Vacheron Constantin SA).

The special climate in this emblematic place has inspired us to develop this product line labelled “Minergie”. We have named this system in tribute to the expertise of the Swiss “Haute Horlogerie”, by which we are inspired every day, and it allows us to use enormous triple glazing (up to 15 m2), and requires great precision when being produced and laid.

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when minimalism meets minergie standards

The MINERGIE® standard is an optional construction standard that allows for energy to be used rationally and for renewable energies to be used more, all while ensuring an improved quality of life, improved competitiveness and a reduction in environmental damage.
To achieve these values, our system uses triple glazing that is up to 53 mm thick.Below are some values for a fix-sliding element based on MINERGIE® characteristics (4600 x 2500 mm):

Ug=0.7W/M2K > Uw=1.03W/M2K (according to SIA 331 Uw=0.95W/M2K)
Ug=0.5W/M2K > Uw=0.87W/M2K (according to SIA 331 Uw=0.74W/M2K)

Switzerland is a country famed for the services it provides. This service culture has remained important over many generations and has forged a notion of quality associated with "Swiss Made" for many decades. LESSFRAME has joined this long-standing Swiss tradition of service and quality. Our system is the result of this legacy is combined with our passion for architecture.

We established quality control procedures for each of the manufacturing process stages; we provide our employees and our partners with teaching and training in our production unit. Our partners are only approved and qualified to represent of our products once they have completed their full training. It is the only way for us to guarantee the export of our goods abroad.

Our passion for architecture is conveyed in a dialogue with our architectural and entrepreneurial customers and we dedicate our skills to their projects. We make every effort to personalise both our service and the final result, and if the project requires for both the technical and financial feasibility to be guaranteed, we do not hesitate to extrude new profiles or to develop new details specifically for a project.

The production unit which manufactures our products is equipped with state-of-the-art machines and tools. We only use products and components of the highest quality that are able to match with technical and qualitative requirements.

Our greatest success: only 0.5% of our work is visible, meaning we have really embodied Ludwig Mies van der Rohe’s phrase "less is more", which in turn was inspired by Robert Brownings poem "Andrea del Sarto".

“My favourite project? The next one.”

Frank Lloyd Wright

  • sliding into pocket
    = 100% opening

  • double sliding
    = 50% opening

  • up to 4 tracks sliding panels
    = 75% opening

  • 100% opening corners
    = 100% opening in corner

  • 6 meters high windows are
    keeping 22mm profiles

when minimalism meets safety

(break-in protection class WK2)


Closure at one single point

safety standard

option 01

Three-point mechanical closure

option 1

option 02

Magnetic closure
· BUS connection
· Remote access check
· Integration of a home automation/global security system
(Each case is the subject of a specific study)

option 2
light swiss green minimalism height projects engineering details comfort quality architecture safety


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